Wellness in the Workplace

A great way to promote wellness and to show your employees that you appreciate all that they do.

Chair Massage

On site – $80/hour (includes travel to and from and set up time)

Chair massage is a specialized massage chair that allows the recipient to remain fully clothed and comfortably sit in a position that allows the therapist to focus on the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and head.

An on-site massage helps improve productivity and morale, decrease stress, absenteeism, and job-related injuries, AND is flexible enough to schedule into the workday without interrupting workflow.

A typical hour of time can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 6 persons (5-25 min massages).

A maximum 3 hour visit can handle 6-18 persons.

Call for other employer/employee sharing cost options

(Private party / in-home options also available)

Specialized Health Topic Trainings

On site, in person trainings tailored to meet your specific needs to improve employee wellness and productivity

e.g. ergonomic station evaluations, how to maintain energy throughout the day, workplace posture and


Pricing based on requested service