Body In Balance Therapy

BODY IN BALANCE THERAPY SESSION - A blended approach for optimal health

Based on a person's needs a session may include one or all of the following: assessment(s), medical massage therapy techniques, body work, suggested lifestyle changes and corrective exercises with certified personal training guidance.

  • Massage - hands on manipulation of soft tissues of the body (muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and skin) using varying degrees of pressure and movement

  • Medical Massage - treating conditions diagnosed by a doctor using advanced training techniques in specific conditions

Please note: although considered medical treatment, it is not covered by insurance in our region

  • Body Work - includes breathwork, realignment and manipulation of the body using specialized training techniques

  • Personal Training - assignment and demonstration of strengthening and stretching exercises to help eliminate or manage chronic pain

Massage Techniques

Available massage therapy techniques used during a Body In Balance session.

**indicates specialized training beyond massage therapy license requirements

► Swedish

Swedish Massage is a classic massage consisting of various strokes used to promote deep relaxation, manipulate soft tissues, increase blood and lymph circulation, relax muscles, relieve pain and restore metabolic balance.

► Neuromuscular Technique (Trigger Point Therapy)

Neuromuscular Technique (NMT) aims to bring balance between the nervous system and the muscular system. Factors that contribute to pain and dysfunction of the body such as postural distortions, body mechanics, stress, trigger points, and cellular nutrition are examined. Techniques are used to release the hyper- contracted muscle tissue to restore balance to muscle groups and the nervous system.

► Myofascia Release

“Myo” means muscle. “Fascial” refers to the connective tissue that covers and supports the muscles throughout your entire body. Myofascial Release (MFR) is a gentle, hands-on technique that facilitates a sustained stretch into restricted soft tissue. MFR restores length and health to the myofascial tissues and takes pressure off of pain-sensitive tissues like nerves and blood vessels. This ultimately restores alignment and mobility of joints, muscles and soft tissue, thereby reducing pain and restoring functional movement.

** Dry Cupping

Dry cupping at Body in Balance is done by applying plastic suction cups to skin that is either dry or to which lotion has been applied. The lotion allows the therapist to glide the suction cup over the affected area providing a form of deep tissue massage. The suction is achieved by putting a small, manually-operated suction pump on a valve which is attached to each suction cup.

Benefits experienced by patients to dry cupping include but are not limited to: reduction in pain and inflammation, relaxation / sedation of nerves, an increase of circulation to the treated area, a softening of adhesions and stiff connective tissue, drainage of toxins and waste from the lymphatic system and the ability to impact deeper muscles and other soft tissues.

When the cups are removed, the skin treated may have red circular areas that correspond to the diameter of the cup. These red areas are temporary and will subside over a couple weeks.

**Lymphatic Facilitation

Extremely light technique that facilitates healing after injury/surgery, improves and enhances internal tissue nutrition, assists in the removal of metabolic and environmental wastes (detoxification), increases range of motion and prevents connective tissue adhesions in the acute and sub-acute stages of healing. Most effective technique in removing edema/swelling.

**Scar Tissue Massage

Specialized technique that stimulates the lymphatics in the area of the scar/wound to facilitate collagen removal, decrease inflammation, and improve range of motion/flexibility.